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Josh & Jacque {wedding photography}

Posted on Thursday, 22 September in wedding photography

Josh and Jacque got married 9-10-11.  I honestly didn’t even realize the numerical numbers until after the wedding!  What a fun day to pick!

Anyway, the wedding took place at Hoolihan Ranch outside of Mertzon, TX.  We had never been out to Hoolihan’s before we met these two!  We took their engagement photos out there earlier this year and was amazed at how nice it looked!  There is a creek  that is on the property and it is amazing the difference water makes!  I mean, we had so little water this year, everything looked dry and crispy.  But Hoolihan looked nice and green.  It is such a peaceful serene place.

Now for some photos…  Colin decided he’d get a little creative with the ring shots.  I think the picture below turned out really neat!

Be sure to check out their wedding album at the bottom of the page.

This is such a sweet moment of Josh and Jacque walking to the creek where we were about to take some pictures.  I love how you can see so much of Hoolihan.  I love the big trees that arch over in such a way that it seems they are making a walkway for these two.  And I love how Josh is helping carry his soon-to-be bride’s dress as they walk through the forest!  beautiful.

Having some laughs with the guys before the ceremony!

Another sweet moment captured between the father and daughter.  Sometimes words just aren’t enough!

See?!?!?!  There is some green still left in West Texas!  Who knew!  I like how you can see almost the whole ceremony in the picture… along with the crazy fun trees that are bending in every direction.

Allie is Jacque’s dog that is so precious!  She walked down the aisle with one of the flower girls and did magnificent!  Allie is so well behaved!  So of course we had to get her in a shot!

Oh.my.gosh!  I mean, how can you not love your job when you get to see amazing things like this!  It’s one thing to see a dad give her daughter a hug… But its a whole new thing when you see a dad give her daughter a hug, after he’s given her away, and at the same time knows she’ll always be his little girl.  A-Ma-Zing.


The bridesmaids giving their toasts… maybe a few tears, but followed with more laughter!

I love the two girls that are dancing!  It’s so great when kids can have fun and weddings too!!!

Such a great wedding!  It was so hard to just put a few photos on the blog!  Hope you had a great honeymoon, Josh and Jacque!!!!

By:  Colin and Andre’a Feldhaus

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