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Jordan and Georgia’s Wedding Photography {Part 3}

Posted on Friday, 30 July in wedding photography

We’re going to try something a little different this time and see how it works.  What we’re going to do is… blog this wedding backwards!  So this is the reception of Jordan and Georgia’s wedding.  We actually did a sneak peak a couple weeks ago and you can check it out HERE.

We’ve actually known Georgia for quite some time now.  She was a great family friend that I (Andre’a) grew up around.  Hearing her name around our household growing up was definitely not uncommon.  Actually, there was a whole slew of kids we were always hearing about… always good and fun things of course!  Now that years have past and she’s graduated college, it’s neat to see her find her perfect match.  There’s just something sweet about watching someone grow up and seeing they’ve found their ‘soul mate.’  Jordan has been fun to get to know this past year.  He just fits in so well with their family, it’s like we’ve known him for years!  Jordan’s such an adventurous guy, and with all Georgia’s family’s outdoor activities…. well, let’s just say it was a match made in heaven… LITERALLY!

I know we mentioned a ton of amazing things about this wedding from the sneak preview post.  The location was at the Lemonia Grove in Corona, CA (right outside of LA).  Not only is it beautiful, but the weather was perfect!  It was the end of June and the temperature was is the 80′s, I think.  None of that 110 degree weather that West Texas has to offer, that’s for sure!

This couple was pretty laid back the whole afternoon!  As you can tell in some of these pictures, this was a day to enjoy and have fun!  So there were lots of sweet moments, but many goofy fun ones as well.  It was fantastic because it totally brought out Jordan and Georgia’s personalities!  And they left to everyone throwing beach balls at them, which was hilarious!

By Colin and Andre’a Feldhaus.

matchless wedding photography…. where good things come in threes…(because we have 3 posts for this wedding)

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